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More Blinkies

Blinkie examples, tips, and tutorials

Blinkie examples, tips, and tutorials
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Welcome to more_blinkies! This community was set up for blinkie makers to share their talent. Here you can post your 'original' creations for public use, and anything you think would be helpful to people making them (such as what fonts are used, how to make animation easier, and any other tips and tricks for that blinkie).

Please note that this is not a community for you to request in.

Want to see an example of how to post here? See this. :)

There aren't rules per say, as the community is completely public, but here are some things we're asking to make it easier on everyone:

Please ADD YOURSELF to the community -- don't comment to one of the posts here asking to be added, do it yourself.

Please keep in mind that things you post here are for ANYONE AND EVERYONE to make, so don't get upset if two weeks after you post something here, you see it in another community.

Try not to get too specific with the amount of credit you expect. If you want people using your creations to link to you in their info or whatnot, please include a button or the name of your community with your post.

We'd really appreciate it if you could post your blinkie example, and then put all the specifications/mini-tutorials under LJ-cuts. This will keep the community clean.

Please don't delete the examples you post here from your image server. Photobucket.com is a wonderful image hosting site, and you can create a separate account (or just a separate folder) for images you'll be posting here. This way the images are always up.

Keep the comments option open on your posts, so that people with questions can ask you there.

Don't make off-topic posts, its rude.

There will be absolutely NO drama tolerated here. If you've got a problem with something someone has posted, take it up with them like an adult.

Feel free to link to this community from your community or request gallery, so that requesters have these blinkies as options too. :)

Recommended Communities For You To Request In:

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Blinkie Resources:


The font lists
Abstract Fonts

DaBrat's Glitters

Have more sites for us to include?
E-mail them to heather_nicole@livejournal.com

Link to us:

Feel free to direct-link the button. ;)